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  • Transparent Layer

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    Transparent Layer

    Our company is the first domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of wide-width PET transfer printing film, wide-width plastic floor printing film, and wide-width multi-purpose thermal transfer printing film. Transfer print film service covers PVC floor materials,...

  • PVC White Film

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    PVC White Film

    Environment friendly Ink production: 1、Exhaust: water vapor, can be directly discharged, Besides our company has existing UV + activated carbon treatment device, it is double insurance. 2、Waste water: In the process of production only a small amount of washing, we purchased a...

  • PET Transfer Film

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    PET Transfer Film

    Printing layer for PVC flooring: Perfect to restore the texture characteristics of natural materials, such as: Stone, wood, linen, etc. Creative blend of new ideas, new colors for traditional textures/brand-new textures Transfer print : It does not print directly on the...

  • Laminate Floor Tile Luxury Vinyl Tile

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    Laminate Floor Tile Luxury Vinyl Tile

    1. High quality vinyl PVC flooring
    2. UV coating surface, different embossing
    3. Realistic natural wood,marble and carpet color
    4. More than 1000 patterns to be selected
    5. Super wear resistance ,suitable for household and commercial usage
    6. Eco-friendly...

  • Interlocking PVC Tile Vinyl Click Tile

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    Interlocking PVC Tile Vinyl Click Tile

    1,Long life: We use advance technology to make our products more wearable and impact resistance
    2,It is suitable for use in any domestic situation and moderate commercial areas.
    3,Special UV surface treatment technology, excellent resistance to staining and...

  • Water-proof Hotel / Restaurant Flooring

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    Water-proof Hotel / Restaurant Flooring

    1,Product Feature Safen electrostatic flocking floor is the perfect combination of high performance resilient flocking and textiles.
    2,The density is 10 times higher than usual carpet
    3,The product has strong overall stereo perception, vivid colors,soft touch....

  • Anti-slip Transport Flooring

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    Anti-slip Transport Flooring

    1,Antiskid material innovation,having unique embossed surface and deep Embedded with emery
    2,Unique antifungal treatment,prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.
    3,Application: Transportation, Movie theaters, Factory, Restaurant, retail etc.

  • Excellent Stone Pattern School / Library Flooring

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    Excellent Stone Pattern School / Library Flooring

    1,High level and elegant stone pattern design, clearer texture.
    2,UV treatment, anti pollution, wear resistance,easy maintenance.
    3,Foam bottom structure , good sound absorption performance, comfortable foot feeling.
    4,Operational color : 15 colors

  • Sound-absorbing Shopping Mall Flooring

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    Sound-absorbing Shopping Mall Flooring

    1,Anti pollution treated with special UV surface treatment. Excellent abrasion resistance with advanced calendering technology.
    2,Using 100% virgin material,no recycling material
    3,Antibacterial and antifungal treatment,prevent bacterial and fungal...

  • Non-toxic Office Flooring

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    Non-toxic Office Flooring

    1,Special UV surface treatment, abrasion resistance, excellent pollution resistance.
    2,100% new raw material, no recycling material.
    3,It has antibacterial treatment, which can inhibit bacteria pollution.
    4,Operational color: 14 colors

  • Residential Flooring Suit for House

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    Residential Flooring Suit for House

    1,Vivid color,clear and natural texture.
    2,UV treatment, anti pollution,wear resistance,easy maintenance.
    3,Transfer printing technology, the texture is clearer, and the color is more realistic .
    4,Operational color: 22 colors

  • Non-directional Homogeneous Flooring

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    Non-directional Homogeneous Flooring

    1,Vinyl Flooring Roll is durable and resistant to normal traffic use with a wear layer on top of it.
    2,Flexible homogeneous multipurpose flooring
    3,GROUP T wear rating compliant(very high resistance to traffic)
    4,Non-directional polychrome...

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