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  • Sound-absorbing Shopping Mall Flooring

    Contact NowSound-absorbing Shopping Mall Flooring1,Anti pollution treated with special UV surface treatment. Excellent abrasion resistance with advanced calendering technology.
    2,Using 100% virgin material,no recycling material
    3,Antibacterial and antifungal treatment,prevent bacterial and fungal contamination
    4,Operational color: 24 kinds

  • Anti-slip Transport Flooring

    Contact NowAnti-slip Transport Flooring1,Antiskid material innovation,having unique embossed surface and deep Embedded with emery
    2,Unique antifungal treatment,prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.
    3,Application: Transportation, Movie theaters, Factory, Restaurant, retail etc.
    4,Excellent fouling resistance and chemical resistance.

  • Residential Flooring Suit for House

    Contact NowResidential Flooring Suit for House1,Vivid color,clear and natural texture.
    2,UV treatment, anti pollution,wear resistance,easy maintenance.
    3,Transfer printing technology, the texture is clearer, and the color is more realistic .
    4,Operational color: 22 colors

  • Non-toxic Office Flooring

    Contact NowNon-toxic Office Flooring1,Special UV surface treatment, abrasion resistance, excellent pollution resistance.
    2,100% new raw material, no recycling material.
    3,It has antibacterial treatment, which can inhibit bacteria pollution.
    4,Operational color: 14 colors

  • Excellent Stone Pattern School / Library Flooring

    Contact NowExcellent Stone Pattern School / Library Flooring1,High level and elegant stone pattern design, clearer texture.
    2,UV treatment, anti pollution, wear resistance,easy maintenance.
    3,Foam bottom structure , good sound absorption performance, comfortable foot feeling.
    4,Operational color : 15 colors

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