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2017 China Sports fair finished in Shanghai

2017  China Sports fair finished in Shanghai


May 25, 2017, the 35th China Sports Fair opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center perfect ending. 1500 sports, fitness products company gathered in Shanghai, showing their brand charm.

We witnessed the brand is still PVC elastic flooring brand charm and strength. Let's take a look at the exciting moments of the next exhibition area (booth number 6.2E016)


Seesun company entire exhibition area is very unique, into the brand VI, to facilitate the visitors to identify

a simple yet empty atmosphere.


Seesun Boger Sport Floors attracts many customers domestic and abroad, strong professional performance, authoritative honor certification, comprehensive solution, not only to the audience feel the charm of the Boger Sport floor, but also to the audience to see the Boger Brand strength.




Finally, the race is still grateful to every user and the dealer's attention and affirmation, so that the race is still more and more courage to keep moving forward; also thank each game is still the people's efforts and persistence, is that they let the show area stand out. In the future, the game will continue, as always, go all out, do every product carefully, every customer service, to create a professional, safe PVC flexible floor!


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